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Friendly, knowledgable support.

Always at a fair price.


A better I.T. experience

Get back to doing what you do best while White Hat handles the details. Our services are designed for those who just

need a little help to those who need a lot, and anyone in between.  


You take out trash and clean out the junk drawer

once in a while. What about the computer?


Had a virus before, you couldn't get rid of? Managing

multiple computers? There's a better way.


You've heard it a million times. Backup. There are a tons

of options, and you should be using two. Find out why.


Whether you've already googled and been unsuccessful

or you're not sure where to start, we're here to help.

How we're different.


Managed services aren't just for big business anymore.

You have more important  things to worry about than backups and updates.

Spend more time doing what you love.

How we're different

White Hat LTD's mission is to change the way people view IT services by providing computer repair services at a

fair cost.

No robots, no scripts. Real. Humans. Ready to answer your questions and help when you need it, no holding for a next

level tech.


We believe that many of our clients can google their way through a lot of issues on their own.


We also believe in mowing the grass, just not ourselves.

🕒 Time

We save our clients unexpected down time from under performing computers.

We can quickly connect with you and begin resolving problems in the time it takes to unplug your computer.

💰 Money

Many other service providers charge by the hour for table time. White Hat's remote service allows us to pass savings on to our customers by charging only for touch time, rather than for baby sitting a repair.

😡 Frustration

We'll meet you where you're at. Real, plain English explanations that are understandable and relatable. Immediately reach advanced support for all requests. No endless cycles of explaining issues over and over.


This is not tech support like you know it. We believe that by maintaining a computer our clients will need less support, so you pay only for the time you need.



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Murrayville, GA 30564


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