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Our site is new; Our support is not.

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It is important that we understand what solved looks like for you.

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Top-Tier Support - No Transfers

Digital Security & Backup

Remote & On-Site Support

Pay Only "Touch Time"1

Maintenance, Repairs & Upgrades

Windows and Mac

Touch time billing for remote support only

White Hat LTD's mission is to change the way people view tech support by

providing computer repair services at a fair cost.

No robots, no scripts. Real. Humans. Ready to answer your questions and help when you need it,

no holding for a next level tech.


We believe that many of our clients can google their way through a lot of issues on their own.


We also believe in mowing the grass, just not ourselves.

🕒 Time

We save our clients unexpected down time from under performing computers.

We can quickly connect with you and begin resolving problems in the time it takes to unplug your computer.

💰 Money

Many other service providers charge by the hour for table time. White Hat's remote service allows us to pass savings on to our customers by charging only for touch time, rather than for baby sitting a repair.

😡 Frustration

We'll meet you where you're at. Real, plain English explanations that are understandable and relatable. Immediately reach advanced support for all requests. No endless cycles of explaining issues over and over.

☎️ Remote Support

This is not tech support like you know it. We believe that by maintaining a computer our clients will need less support, so you pay only for the time you need.

Better Tech Support Starts Here

Individual Attention

"Touch Time" Billing

Prevent Problems Before They Start